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GaryGary S. Best lives in Sharon, MA and got his solar panels installed in November, 2011. He spent months researching the different incentives and financing options available to Massachusetts residents before deciding to purchase a 5 kW system. He has since created a website, www.MassSolarInfo.com, educating Massachusetts residents about solar panels and providing them with a way to easily get free estimates and save up to $500 off their own installation.

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6 thoughts on “About Gary

  1. Hi Gary, thank you for the information. My wife and I are looking at having solar installed. Is there anyone in particular you would recommend for the equipment and/or installation? Thank you.


  2. Hi Gary,

    Thanks for providing this great service and information on solar energy.

    Our solar 5 kW system was installed in October of 2008. At that time we were not aware of any lease options and with considerable rebate incentives purchased the system outright. Our installer was New England Breeze ( now dba New England Clean Energy), newenglandcleanenergy.com. I highly recommend this installer who provided a great installation and hassle-free follow up warranty services.

    The recent announcement of electricity rate increases has got me off my butt and thinking about how to lower my costs.

    Have you heard of Veridian, http://www.viridian.com? One of my former students is an associate of this group and is encouraging me to switch to this option for supplying electricity. From what I understand their offer ends at the end of this month. I was wondering what you thought and if you had considered this option. Is it worth switching providers or do you think it is best to stick with our current provider, nStar and do the TOU rate change.

    Thanks again for sharing your research and knowledge on this subject.

    Best regards,


    • I was also approached by a Veridian associate. I guess there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with multi-level marketing, but it always same across to me as a little sleazy. My recollection was that the somewhat low rates were an introductory thing and not going to last. You will definitely save more with NStar’s TOU rate.

      • Hi Gary,

        I think I’ll pass on Veridian after reading this Globe article confirming your comment:


        About to give Nstar a call to check on the TOU rate and metering. We have two meters on our home from when it was a two family. we have converted our house to a single family but have kept the two meters. Our solar panels are tied into one of the meters and not the other. Do you recommend just switching to TOU metering for the meter that is tied into the solar panels or should we do both? Not sure if can even do both.

        Great to see you and the family at the last gathering. Hope all is good.



        • I would definitely convert the one connected to the solar panels to TOU since you’re producing energy when it’s expensive. It’s probably a wash on the other one but I guess it depends on your usage.

          Nice seeing you as well!


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