Generous SREC I Incentives Ending This Month


At long last, the MA DOER has hammered out the parameters for the incentive program known as SREC II and announced the closing date for SREC I. The biggest difference for residents appears to be a reduction in the value of SRECs going forward. Since SREC values are the largest part of the incentive program, this is a big deal. Under SREC I, SRECs were given a flat auction floor price of $285 for the entire 10 years of the program. But under SREC II, while the price will stay at $285 for SRECs produced through 2016, they will decline in value by 5% every year thereafter.

So if you were on the fence about getting solar panels, you have until April 25th, 2014 to both submit your application and receive your connection authorization to qualify for SREC I. Good luck!


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2 thoughts on “Generous SREC I Incentives Ending This Month

  1. I am in MA. Have solar and sell SRECS thru the MA program. I understand that they only buy in whole amounts and that fractional amounts go unsold. Do you know how I can sell the fractional amounts?
    Ex: my last payment was for 1 SREC
    But I generated 1.635 mwh and lost the .635.

    • Hey Frank!

      This is a common misperception. You can only sell SRECs in whole amounts but any partial SRECs will roll over to the next quarter. So once your production exceeds 2.0 mWh, you will be able to sell another SREC.

      Hope that helps!


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