Monthly Solar Production – May 2013


They’re saying that this spring in New England has been breaking records for the most rain. Maybe all that rain is at night because my solar panels are cranking. Combine that with lower-than-average temperatures (and less use of the AC) and it ends up almost doubling my biggest credit ever from last month!

Last month I received a $17.45 net metering credit from NStar as I produced about 120% of the electricity that I used. Well this month, I used almost 100 kWh less electricity yet generated about the same amount. So I ended up generating a whopping 142% of what I used for a credit of $33.04. Considering that last month was my highest credit to date and this month was almost double that, you can see why I’m so excited!

Here are the numbers:

Period Ending Production As % of Usage Savings
Jun 22, 2012 707 kWh 121.8% $107.72
Jul 23, 2012 767 kWh 75.1% $116.86
Aug 22, 2012 660 kWh 67.9% $98.93
Sep 21, 2012 616 kWh 77.6% $92.34
Oct 23, 2012 449 kWh 69.7% $67.32
Nov 23, 2012 313 kWh 50.2% $46.93
Dec 21, 2012 188 kWh 33.2% $28.19
Jan 23, 2013 195 kWh 35.0% $30.05
Feb 22, 2013 259 kWh 47.9% $40.02
Mar 22, 2013 325 kWh 60.4% $50.52
Apr 24, 2013 715 kWh 118.6% $111.14
May 23, 2013 717 kWh 142.1% $111.45
Overall 5,911 kWh 74.4% $901.48

If there seems to be some inconsistency, it is due to monthly usage fluctuations, differences in the number of days per billing period and NStar price changes.

I also found a discrepancy with last month’s numbers as NStar changed the way they reported the $6.43 flat charge for providing electricity. Before they included it in my credit but now they’ve split it out separately. My calculations were subtracting it and now they don’t need to. The only thing it affected was my solar production percentage from last month went from 127.4% down to 118.6%.

I haven’t commented on the SREC market lately as I’m just taking a wait-and-see approach as to¬†how the Last Chance Auction shakes out. Interviews with people from the MA DOER make it sound like most of them will sell for $285 each but the marketplace doesn’t seem to believe that. Time will tell…


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