Mass. Solar Market in State of Emergency


As I reported in this space back in February, the MA DOER announced that they were considering reducing the SREC opt-in from 10 years to 8 years with a deadline of June 20th but saying that applications should be in by June 1st so they could get processed in time. They have since changed their mind and said it will stay at 10 years but at a June 7th public meeting on the state of solar, the MA DOER announced that they had received enough applications to hit 800 MW! This is well over the 400 MW cap proposed under the original solar program.

As a result, they announced that the solar market was in an emergency status. Governor Patrick has already proposed to extend the Mass. solar market target to 1,600 MW by 2020 but the thought was that there would be plenty of time to establish the next program to succeed the current one. As it turns out, that time is now!

So what they have done in the short term is said that any projects under 100 kW that are complete before the subsequent program goes into effect will qualify under the first program, even if it goes above the 400 MW cap. So that’s good news for residents and most commercial installations.

The next version of a solar program, currently called SREC-II, is targeted for the beginning of next year but the dates are not firm as they are still ironing out what this program will look like.


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