My First Solar Panel Maintenance


So I did my first solar panel maintenance over the weekend.  My panels have been installed since the end of last November so I lasted almost exactly six months.  So what happened?

I don’t know if the pollen was always like this or not but it seems that the last few years it has really been excessive.  I was at my son’s Ultimate Frisbee tournament out in Greenfield and after one particularly strong breeze there was a huge cloud of pollen the size of a three-story building coming off the trees.  In any case, my panels had a coating of yellow on them along with the cars, the roof, the driveway, even the windowsills.

I guess I could’ve waited until the next rain, but I didn’t know when that was coming and there was enough sun that I didn’t want to waste a good day, especially after a rainy May.  So I got the hose out and after rinsing down the cars (which my daughter was nice enough to finger-draw on) turned it onto my rooftop panels.  I’ve got 12 panels on one roof face and 9 on another and it took me about 10 minutes to rinse off both arrays.

So not a lot of maintenance, but these are solar panels – there is no maintenance.  10 minutes in 6 months?  Certainly worth it to take care of myself rather than have some leasing company do it as part of their otherworldly fee.  Besides which, I doubt they would even take care of something like pollen.  But I don’t really know – maybe they would make a trip out just for that.  Who knows?


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